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Trustworthy food database

More than 6 500 different products and dishes.

Only what you need

Fat Alien is able to count calories only, but he does it with high efficiency.

No internet connection required

You could use our app everywhere and anytime without internet connection.

Sport nutrition

You will find info about proteins and gainers of the most famous sport nutrition brands.

Precise calculations

You can calculate daily calories correctly depending on your sport load, gender, weight, height and age.

App updates

Our app is becoming better and our database is growing with every update.

Small FAQ

What formula do you use in calculations of daily calories and calories breakdown?

Daily calories level is calculated by using the formula of Harris and Benedict. This formula takes into account your weight, height, age and sport load. Recommendations on the breakdown of nutrients based on the common recommendations.

I cannot find some product. What I supposed to do?

Please try to enter name of a product without 2-3 last letters. For example, if you searched «apples» and nothing was found then try to enter «Appl». If this advice doesn't work you can e-mail us. We will add this product information in the next update.

Why calories information is different on a package and in the app?

Be attentive choosing a product. Cooked and uncooked products may have very different calories. It highly depends on a way how you cook this product. For example, boiled rice has calories count that is almost 3 times less than the uncooked one. Usually, calories count is specified on the package of a uncooked product.

How often do you update product database?

Once or twice a month with every app update.

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We would be grateful for your feedback with questions and suggestions! Our email: feedback@fat-alien.com

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